Paint Removal

The main reason for paint removal is to restore a building to its original glory. and to show the natural beauty of the Brickwork, We use the Torik Superheater Water Cleaning System a specialist  steam pressure washing system, if necessary, in conjunction with chemicals to remove  the paint, returning the surface to its original State.

The paint that has been applied to the Brickwork  can be removed by the use of specially designed chemicals and with associated cleaning work by London Brick Cleaning Company Ltd, can be restored to their originally natural state. In order to remove the paint, we generally  have to work from a  scaffold . The areas to be stripped are assessed, the surrounding areas of windows are sheeted, sheeting is normally draped around the scaffold, we apply specially formulated paint stripping chemicals with a view to breaking down or dissolving the paint, and then with the Torik Superheated Cleaning System we start the removal process.


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