London Brick Cleaning Company Ltd  The approach when brick repointing is to achieve outstanding RESULTS !!!

Our specialist hand picked craftsmen at London Brick Cleaning Company Ltd have a real passion, understanding, and dedication to the history, technology, and practice of historic period facades. Our aim is to restore your brick facade to its highest standard based on our genuine understanding of the property using traditional materials and craftsmanship.

Repointing is a very specialist skill. It is a very important aspect of the construction of a building, helping to keep water out of the building. There is a big difference between good Repointing and bad repointing. Repointing can if correctly carried out give a good aesthetic lift to the building and remain functional, add value to the property and generally enhance the building. Pointing that has not been carried out correctly can devalue the property and could cause the reverse.

At London Brick Cleaning Company Ltd we offer many different techniques and repointing finishes.,:

Ribbon pointing
Tuck pointing
Flush pointing



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