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Paint Removal

The main reason for paint removal is to restore a building to its original glory. and to show the natural beauty of the Brickwork, We use the Torik Superheater Water Cleaning System a specialist  steam pressure washing system, if necessary, in conjunction with chemicals to remove  the paint, returning the surface to its original State.

The paint that has been applied to the Brickwork  can be removed by the use of specially designed chemicals and with associated cleaning work by London Brick Cleaning Company Ltd, can be restored to their originally natural state. In order to remove the paint, we generally  have to work from a  scaffold . The areas to be stripped are assessed, the surrounding areas of windows are sheeted, sheeting is normally draped around the scaffold, we apply specially formulated paint stripping chemicals with a view to breaking down or dissolving the paint, and then with the Torik Superheated Cleaning System we start the removal process.


Brick Replacement and Repairs

At London Brick Cleaning Company Ltd  We offer a Brick Replacement and Repair Service to Brickwork that has blistered, spalled or that may have broken down due to water flow, bad pointing or to individual bricks that may have been underneath layers of paint. Our repair procedure is to scrape back and remove all unstable parts of the brick, rebuild each individual brick before re- colouring the bricks to match with the existing brickwork.

We can also cut out damaged Bricks and replace them with matching bricks or if the inner face of the brick is of good quality we can just turn them around.

Each brick repair project we take on is treated as a priority. You won’t have to worry whether or not we will show up on schedule and do quality work. Our reputation as the best brick repair company in the London is really important to us, and we want to be your number one choice for brick repairs. If you need any type of brickwork just fill out our fast contact form, tell us what you need, and we will get back to you right away with a quote.



At London Brick Cleaning Company Ltd   We offer a decorating service to give your facade that finishing touch. our dedicated team of professionals  attention to detail is second to none, we cover all exterior and interior decorating from modern to period,so please don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote.

Our skilled team of decorators at London Brick Company Ltd  have an extensive understanding of working on period properties and we offer a selection of period paint colours for you to choose from including Victorian paint colours, Georgian paint colours and Regency paint colours.

With over 30 colours to choose from, gone are the days of limited colours for exterior painting!!!!


Brick Cleaning

London Brick Cleaning Company Ltd also offer a high finish brick cleaning service.

Over the years, the majority of buildings in London have suffered from heavy soiling. This is a result of the pollution that is within the atmosphere. It can also be caused by years of weathering which hides the natural beauty of the brickwork. In some cases the ornate detail and exterior designs are completely hidden by the dirt that has built up over the years, after cleaning the decorative features will be shown in their full glory.

we will talk you through the different options we offer. These include:

  • Water Based Cleaning System
  • Chemical Cleaning System
  • Poultice Cleaning


Brick restoration is all about bringing new life to tired or damaged buildings. At London Brick Cleaning Company Ltd, we specialize in refreshing the beauty and structural integrity of your London property. Our team of experts has the know-how and experience to take remedial steps that blend seamlessly into the building’s original fabric. We also specialize in carrying out renovations which are sympathetic to the structure and appearance of heritage and period brickwork.

London Brick Cleaning Company Ltd has a team of skilled craftsmen who can restore any damaged or worn stonework you may have including cornice repairs, mullion repairs, window sill repairs and portico repairs.


London Brick Cleaning Company Ltd  carry out

  • Stucco repairs
  • Faience repairs
  • Terracotta repairs
  • Render repairs
  • Heli Bar Repairs




London Brick Cleaning Company Ltd  The approach when brick repointing is to achieve outstanding RESULTS !!!

Our specialist hand picked craftsmen at London Brick Cleaning Company Ltd have a real passion, understanding, and dedication to the history, technology, and practice of historic period facades. Our aim is to restore your brick facade to its highest standard based on our genuine understanding of the property using traditional materials and craftsmanship.

Repointing is a very specialist skill. It is a very important aspect of the construction of a building, helping to keep water out of the building. There is a big difference between good Repointing and bad repointing. Repointing can if correctly carried out give a good aesthetic lift to the building and remain functional, add value to the property and generally enhance the building. Pointing that has not been carried out correctly can devalue the property and could cause the reverse.

At London Brick Cleaning Company Ltd we offer many different techniques and repointing finishes.,:

Ribbon pointing
Tuck pointing
Flush pointing